About Esvet

Establishment of a Modular Ecvet System in Europe

Adult learning covers the entire spectrum of what we learn after leaving initial education and training. This includes work- and career-oriented learning –obtaining new qualifications, up-skilling or re-skilling for employment – but also learning for personal development and active citizenship. Ensuring that Europe’s citizens keep developing their knowledge, skills and competence throughout their lives is vital for employment, competitiveness and innovation, especially considering demographic change and the challenges of globalisation. For these reasons, In this project we focus on adult learning to enhance the quality of European education as well certification and validation of their skills through an ECVET Modular system. A major concern is tackling unemployment and raising the rate of adult participation in learning, particularly of low-qualified adults and older citizens. Vocational education and training (VET) in a broad sense, including formal, non-formal and informal learning – in particular learning at the workplace – is a fundamental contribution to lifelong and lifewide learning of adults.

This project contribute the recognition of abilities of adult learners which were acquired outside the formal (national) vocational education and training system such as in other countries’ VET systems, on the job, during work or study periods abroad, within in-company training or learning taking place during leisure time becomes more and more important in the light of skill shortages and skill mismatches. This is especially important in transition periods such as when recruiting new personnel, looking for a new job, changing career paths or entering into further education. In this project, The recognition of prior learning of “event managers” enables employers to make use of candidates full set of abilities, applicants to present all their abilities and those seeking additional training to shorten study periods in order to achieve a new qualification.In this project we will enhance the access of adult participation in lifelong learning ‘enabling flexible access to training and qualifications’ to raise participation and to open access for all adults. them without barriers through Online Training Platform.