Sofia Meeting

Sofia meeting was organized between 19-20 October 2016: Project meeting was started with ITPIO’s second meeting evaluation. After the second meeting assessment: Presentation of the intellectual output 2” Action-oriented description of learning outcomes / competencies for a modular training system” were made by ISQ, the learning outcomes and competencies development processes were discussed. All partners presented Description of learning outcomes/competencies developed for Event budget elaboration, events organization, Event Marketing, Raising support and sponsorship, Relation with the Media, Event Protocol, Event Safety and Emergency. CREFOP presented the C1 – Capacity building – short-term joint staff training event program and partners gave feedbacks to the program.  Besides these Blended Training Materials for Event Management presentations on intellectual output 6 was made by Inovasyon project. The blended learning tools were discussed. After IO6 Online Training Platform was presented by GLOBEST. The IO4 Online competency-based recognition method template was presented by AKETH and this template was developed by the project partners. Project meeting continued with dissemination activities and management issues.

Berlin Meeting

Meeting in Berlin was  organized in Berlin between 19-20 May 2016: Presentation of the intellectual output 1” Report on analysis of the European state of Event Management” were made by the partners. Besides these presentations intellectual output 2 last version presented by ISQ. The task distribution for IO2 was revised by the partnership. Update of CEMES Platform to evaluate the new competencies (IO4) was presented by the German partner and the adaptation methodology was discussed by the partnership. After the discussion part of the IO4, the overview of the intellectual output 3 “Methodology for assessment of ECVET modular training systems in vocational education involving upstream of informal and non-formal learning achievements” was discussed by the partners. To do list was updated with the coming activities.

Esvet Kick Off Meeting

The project kick off meeting in Istanbul, Turkey was organized between 19-20 November 2015. Inovasyon Project invited Deputy Governor of Istanbul and Governor of Basaksehir district to the opening ceremony of the project. The opening speech was made by Inovasyon Project Chairman, Mrs. Sinem Ucal Cepni. She ensured a common understanding of the project and agreement of project detailed work plan, intellectual outputs set up internal communication and management procedures and clarify EU administrative rules; presentation of the project logo, layouts and platform structure; define next steps for the intellectual outputs.  After the opening speech of the coordinator, Deputy Governor, Mr. Ahmet Önal, made a speech on EU projects. In the kick off meeting all partners were agreed on the timing of the activities and the task distributions for O1, O2 and O3 were made and partners started to develop the outputs after the kick off meeting.