Sofia Meeting

Sofia meeting was organized between 19-20 October 2016: Project meeting was started with ITPIO’s second meeting evaluation. After the second meeting assessment: Presentation of the intellectual output 2” Action-oriented description of learning outcomes / competencies for a modular training system” were made by ISQ, the learning outcomes and competencies development processes were discussed. All partners presented Description of learning outcomes/competencies developed for Event budget elaboration, events organization, Event Marketing, Raising support and sponsorship, Relation with the Media, Event Protocol, Event Safety and Emergency. CREFOP presented the C1 – Capacity building – short-term joint staff training event program and partners gave feedbacks to the program.  Besides these Blended Training Materials for Event Management presentations on intellectual output 6 was made by Inovasyon project. The blended learning tools were discussed. After IO6 Online Training Platform was presented by GLOBEST. The IO4 Online competency-based recognition method template was presented by AKETH and this template was developed by the project partners. Project meeting continued with dissemination activities and management issues.

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